Monday, December 9, 2013

On the Road to Maui # 20

Christmas and Turkey day in Shang-ra-la :0)

I remember watching Elvis Presley movies back in Ireland in the Early seventies that were filmed on location in the Hawaiian Islands and thinking I would love to live there on the warm sandy shores lined with tall Palm trees and yes surrounded by native women in grass skirts, hey I,m a guy :0).

This Thanksgiving we were invited to join some locals for afternoon dinner. There were two Hawaiian girls playing ukulele as we sang Christmas songs, behind the musicians was a large picture window that commanded a view of the Pacific ocean below through tall palm trees and I suddenly remembered my child hood memories and thanked God that almost 40 years later I was living in paradise and yes married to a beautiful brown Argentinian island girl!!!!!.

December 7th 1941 is a date that will be remembered through out history as The Japanese bombing of Pearl harbor but what most people do not remember or may not know is that December 7th 1943 at the height of WW2 Two Navy dauntless dive bombers collided over Maui on Maneuvers. As the planes hurtled towards the ground one of the bombs detached and fell to earth among a detachment of Marines also on training exercises. Twenty US marines were killed,it was one of the worst air disasters in Maui History.

The last few weeks have been slow, majorly uneventful by mainland American standards, you know fast paced heart rushing adrenaline fueled movie blockbuster excitement. I think super heroes fly out here to retire and blend in with the rest of normal humanity.

When I last wrote Cynthia and I had become sub-contractors with a Maui Condo Cleaning company. Well it turns out the owner is extremely paranoid( Thinks I will take their mop buckets and sell them to the Chinese heehaw) and decided not to contract with us.

Cynthia is now working part time with “The Boys and Girls Club” of America and I,m focusing on a project that God has brought to my attention that will benefit the foundation of our future greatly. More on this at a later date,for now lets just call it “The Secret” ,no nothing to do with “The Secret” or “The laws of attraction” that is sweeping other minds - this is an “Irish Secret” and no it has nothing to do with Murphy s Law much more powerful my dear mac-fly.

Guapa Smoothies will launch soon when the last of Cynthia`s equipment arrives, I have no doubt in my mind that it will be great addition to the small business community here on Maui.Money will be one of the obvious fringe benefits, but more importantly friendships,personal growth along with the freedom Cynthia experiences from the world of bing self employed. I have been a part of that great mind set for close to 14 years now , God has greatly used it to build my Character and not a human empire built on sand.

Last night we watched another great Sunset on the beach with our friend Andy sharing stories as the moon rose to light up the waters of the south Pacific like glass along with greatly illuminating the white crests of the breaking waves on the soft sandy shore line in harmony with the ocean breeze rustling the tall palm trees ,it was a priceless moment and we drank it in for all it was worth!

So for the moment this is all he wrote, have a wonderful Christmas where ever this finds you and thank you so much for reading.

Cheers Michael :0)