Sunday, December 15, 2013

On The Road to Maui # 21 The North Shore :0(

Cynthia and I Found this great beach last night just before sunset…Its on the North shore of Maui near the Airport…most tourists don’t know about it…it is so isolated . Today I plan to walk about seven miles of it,its loaded with palm trees and amazing blue water teaming with fish. I figured out I can walk to the small village of Paia and cynthia will pick me up later or heck I will just walk back in the Moon light..Beach Bum Mick Out :

Well that was the head line I posted on facebook 5 days ago and yes I did follow up the next day with my walk, maybe I should have consulted my good friend and trail guide Jungle John first after all this is his island so to speak.

Cynthia dropped me off at the harbor with my backpack loaded with food and lots of water. Water is a big part of hiking on maui for obvious reasons. On long hikes I carry about 2 large bottles ( 3 liters) may seem heavy at first but like the food it joins the rest of natures recycling program.

I walked through the harbor industrial area till I found a pathway leading to the white sandy beach we had seen the previous evening. Once on the soft white sand I removed my Clarks Wave Sandals ( Best sandals in the world beat Keene`s and Birkenstocks any day) to let the sand massage my feet. Did you know that walking bare foot is extremely healthy,it connects you to the natural magnetic electrons of the earth......and has amazing benefits read the article on this web site...

Walking Barefoot Promotes Good Health‬

Ok! on with my blog..... As I walked though the breaking morning surf I noticed a lot of homeless tarped dwellings just of the beach. These are fairly common on the Hawaiian Islands and in my experience I have never had any trouble with my fellow homeless brothers after all most of us are one paycheck away from the street or beach. I believe poverty is a state of mind not the balance in your check book. So I waved to those I could see ,they returned with the island shack-ra. I did see some some meth addicts my heart goes out to them, Jesus loves them just as much as the wealthy man.

So on I walked ,about ½ a mile on I came to a large Kite surfing beach. Kite surfing is big on Maui,they come from all over the globe to the North shore to catch the wind in a big adrenaline rush. So I began smiling waving as I passed by,no one returned my greeting at first I thought they were preoccupied,but when people would deliberate look the other way I quickly realized I was not welcome. This repeated right up to the next beach which was the windsurfing beach and sad to say same virus there. By this time I realized they all thought I was homeless because I was wearing a back pack. Apparently this area is full of homeless.

Well I decided to find a quiet beach about a mile on, 
find a nice spot and have a break. I sat down to watch the blue breaking waves and the Stepford community dance with King Neptune. Some of those kite surfers were catching some air up to twenty feet. People would occasionally pass me by, I would greet them and I m not kidding they would look the other way. At one point I stood up and said “ Come on really”
If I had been wearing “Da Kine” or “Rip Curl” water sports wear I would have fit right in. Its sad to see how shallow some people have become because of fear of what they think Homeless people represent.

The next beach was bordered by wealthy homes , yes same sickness,one guy who I passed within 3 feet of his face and he totally ignored me. We had seen him with some others the previous evening and they had ignored Cynthia. This was a first for me on Maui ever. So Glad this is only a small part of the island and if I don’t want to be bugged grab a back pack and go walk about in cold-ville.

I did talk with 3 people One Hawaiian Fisherman who called me brother and a Homeless Hawaiian guy called Ken who kept me company while I waited for Cynthia to pick me up and One French woman a Kite Surfer who was very friendly, got to love my fellow Europeans. Oh, Yes, I nearly forgot an elderly Canadian Kite Surfer named Bob who is on Maui for a month got to love our Norhtern neigbours Ay!
All in all it was an eyeopening experience after so much of the great Hawaiian aloha Spirit.

So If you want alone time on Maui grab a back pack and head to the North shore of Maui to be alone in the crowd.

Cheers Michael :0)