Thursday, July 24, 2014

Maui our home  :0)

Well it was the best of times it was the worst of times and no I did not come up with those words.

But it dose describe our move here .
Would I do it all again if I had the choice?
Yes, rough spots and all. After all we only have one life to live and if we had looked at the giants in the land we would never have left the front door.

We finally moved into our own studio, its small but cosy for the first time in 11 months we have our own bathroom with flushing toilet, kitchen with a real stove and Fridge. I flick a switch and a light comes on Amazing! We even have a memory foam bed and sat we bought a new 50 in Vizio we still don't watch TV as the world knows it, but Netflix. When I was on the island on my own I only missed 2 things Cynthia and My Vizio smart TV which was sold into a good home back in Oregon :0)

Living of the grid makes you appreciate the simple things in life , like flushing a toilet or making coffee or running water. It also challenges your metal.
I went through times of depression , times of nothingness and island fever.
Island fever has been the hardest on me as I
love and miss those wide open spaces of the USA  with  motorcycle rides for days.
But like every other challenge life and god throws at me I will get through as some one once said

“ This too shall Pass”

I,m sitting at a glass table outside listening to the warm wind blow through the various fruit and palm trees accompanied by the morning songs of the island bird life. The sun is out as usual , for the first time in weeks I,m relaxed enough to write a new blog. Maybe I should have scribbled something down back them, but I did not and there you have it.

Cynthia loves her job and yes it sure dose have its challenges, I went camping with her and 48 Hawaiian Kids in a town called Hana where 90% of the population is Hawaiian and they are proud of it, best trip I have ever been on, those kids look out other for each other and are very independent. They don't think twice about asking questions or making humorous remarks they have a strong sense of family.

Well to warp it all up its good to be settled into our own home small as it is..447 sqf...but on this island you don't need much as the island is your back garden , front yard and permanent vacation spot

 Cheers to you all...sorry its not a great update...but I,m slowly getting back into the swing of writing again

Michael  :0)