Thursday, August 28, 2014

Living in The Cloud :)

Have you ever stood at the edge of a cliff wondering should I jump risk it all or simply remain on what I think is solid ground ?

Life can throw some interesting challenges our way, we can either embrace them or curl up in a comfortable familiar corner of false security.

Truth is nothing is forever or for that mater really secure, fear will paralyze the best of us.
Just watch how a Lions Roar freezes an antelope, he has not even touched his prey...his roar is an echo of so many of the critical nay sayers and yea but sooth sayers that pollute the planet like a bad internet virus.

We have all be given amazing talents and absolutely none of us were made by accident...That being said let me take you on a flight out over the south Pacific to my new home town of Napili on Maui Hawaii. Its a grand and beautiful tropical island with lush green jungles producing all manner of fruits. The white sandy beaches that line the warm coral marine filled Pacific are some of the best hot spots on the globe.

My beautiful Argentinian wife Cynthia wanted to come out here over 4 years ago on vacation to be honest I was not so in favor. But I bit my lip as she worked so hard at her incredibly stressful job and truth be told this was her hearts desire.
So like the trusty valet “.
Passepartout” who accompanied “Phileas Fogg” around the world in 80 days I took flight with Cynthia on her Hawain adventure

Most of you know the rest of the story and here we are in Paradise and I,m seriously struggling with island fever....Its been a hard challenge for me and one that will not end soon.
Now I like the rest of the so called “Happy People” could crawl down to the local witch doctor get a vial full of anti- Happy drugs and run around like an excited Gerbil in never never land, but alas I would rather face the Tiger straight on than stand there with all the other droids singing ..
“We all live in a Yellow submarine”

Finlay found out what that song was all about :)

It is wonderful to see Cynthia florishing at her New Career, she is loved and respected I,m truly, truly happy for her.
She has had a hard time these past 9 odd years with various Thankless corporate employers who have a bad case of self gratifying tunnel vision for the
bottom line and totally miss the hearts and souls of loyal employee`s after all that is why humans were wonderfuly created.

We thrive when we encourage each other. In truth that is one of the many reasons why I became self-employed..I do not miss that world it is after all a false world. I do not want to be known for building an Empire on sand when I depart this world, but as a man who truly understood unconditional love and if I can grasp that in all its great depths then I will be glorious wealthy beyond my wildest dreams , that to me is true living . When I meet Jesus at the end of my time I want to say I had a great run and those talents you gave me are all used up !!

Mean while I will embrace this cloud for all its worth because I know I will be a better man for it..Good title for a novel

“My Death in Paradise”
by a reluctant kicking screaming Irish Bloody Mick

Hey could work....the truth hurts but it truly dose put you on the road to freedom!!!!
Cheers my far mainland and global friends!!!

Your sympathy I do not not desire, but your love and friendship that truly dose fuel my fire!!!

Michael :0)