Thursday, May 28, 2015

Maui Trekkers is closing up shop, but Jungle John is for Hire :)

     Maui Trekkers is no more or at least Jungle John has decided to call it a day after a good run and close up shop.
As most of you know I met John while on my own Maui discovery trip 3 years back. Boy time fly's .John has been and still is a good friend . Now John himself is not going out to sit on the ice , jump into the tar pit or float out to sea on a burning viking ship at sunset. No, he is just closing his Website Maui Trekkers and concentrating on Personal guided tours into Maui`s deep Jungles.

        I recently picked up a hitch hiker on my way from Makawao to Paia one afternoon and Johns name came up in conversation . The hitch hiker knew Jungle John well and was found of him, he paused while thinking of John then said

                                                       “ John is like a child”

         I knew exactly what he meant, it takes a child like mind to appreciate all God has blessed us with on this amazing earth, after all it was Jesus who said to his immature adult followers unless you have child like faith you can not see or enter the kingdom.

John has that mature child like approach to nature with all of the glorious splendors it has to offer those that wish to play on its lush Organic Waterfall Cascading Peter Pan World.
Those of us that truly enjoyed the long running island series “Lost” that was filmed in the Hawaiian islands can expect to have our own unique jungle experience as we hire or follow Jungle John into his secret world.

John recently took some English Royalty on a private tour and they were thrilled to have JJ as a guide.

He has over 30 years of hiking experience here on Maui, if he lived in Tibet you can bet he would be a guide to the pinnacle of everest and drink yak milk, eat goats eyes, yea right !good luck with that I prefer Potatoes and Guinness .

All those that are visiting Maui and wish to have a unique personal experience in her Jungles please Give Him a call


He will be more than happy to lead you into your Shang-ra-la                     experience

Aloha Mike Q